Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Adventures in Baby-Led Weaning

We are skipping "baby food" (purees) and going straight to finger foods, an approach known as "baby-led weaning." I actually don't like the name much, since the process really has nothing to do with weaning him - I don't plan to do that til he's at least a year old, probably closer to two. It really should be called "baby-led solids" or something.

But anyhow.

We started last week. Today is his six month birthday, but he was showing all the readiness signs (sitting up unsupported, can easily grab things and put them in his mouth, constantly trying to grab our food) so we let him start a little early. And it is clearly a hit - he's been getting easily bored/frustrated by toys at his high chair, but a hunk of broccoli will keep him happy plenty long enough for us to eat in peace!

So far, he's had sweet potatoes, green beans, broccoli, celery, the lemon out of my drink, bananas, and a few little tastes of other things. Green veggies are MUCH easier to clean up after than banana or sweet potato. And baked sweet potato sticks led to enough gagging that the second time I mashed them with a little extra olive oil and almond milk, but still let him eat it himself. Gagging is a normal part of the process, but the gagging he does on the less starchy-sticky foods is just less likely to give mommy a heart attack. :) I'm sure his sweet potato gags were also perfectly normal, but for my sake we'll take it slow on those.

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